Julio Forero

Forero was born in Zipaquira, Cundinamarca. Thanks to a few close friends he was introduced to the tattoo world at the age of 16. Having lived this experience he never expected that this process would be so grand to complete. He would have never imagined where the profession would end up taking him, from trying homemade needles and Chinese ink to being able to buy his own professional machine. While tattooing his friends and acquaintances, he discovered this technique was similar to drawing, which was something that was always a great passion and interest, along with golfing. At a point in his life he had even thought about golfing processional, but ended up leaning towards tattooing completely.




By buying magazing and visiting stores he began to submerge himself deeper and deeper into the tattoo profession. He saw what was needed to become an artist, invested all of his time and money to learning this art in order to fundamentally perfect his style. He was able to offer quality and style on the skin at a high degree. During this process, he began investigating the culture of tattooing, he met great amazing artists and admirers, such as; Paul Booth, Victor Portugal, Filip Leu, Robert Hernandez, Guy Aitchison, Marcelo Mordenti and likewise: Da Vinci, el Bosco, Rembrandt, Caravaggio among other renaissance artists that guided me. His artistic proposal was inclined to Black & Gray work, the concept of dark images allowed his to distort reality and generate surreal sensations in pieces he designs. Since this moment and all thanks to tattooing he has been able to travel and work in high end shops, while attending international conventions. He is currently in Medellin, Colombia, where the people have embrace him and where he has opened his own shop Îndeleble Tattoo.

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